Zoologists Dissertation


Aristotle (384-322 B. C. E. ) is considered the " father of zoology. " His input to zoology include great quantities of information about the variety, structure, and behavior of animals; the analysis with the parts of living organisms; and the beginnings in the science of taxonomy. you  Hippocrates (460–377 BC), the " Father of Medicine", used animal dissections to advance human anatomy. 6 Democritus of Abdera (470–370 BC) manufactured dissections of numerous animals and humans. Having been the first Greek philosopher-scientist to offer a category of pets or animals, dividing these people into blooded animals (Vertebrata) and bloodless animals (Evertebrata). He likewise held that lower pets had enhanced organs and that the brain was your seat of thought. 5  Anaximander  (610 BC–545 BC) thought that first life was formed by spontaneous generation in the off-road. Later animals came into being simply by transmutations, still left the water, and reached dust. According to him, guy was derived from lower pets, probably aquatic. His writings, especially his poem On Mother nature, were browse and mentioned by Aristotle and other later philosophers, but are shed. 17  Empedocles of Agrigentum (504–433 BC) apparently rid a town of malaria by draining local swamps. This individual proposed the theory of the several humors and a natural origins of life. 18


Galen of Pergamon (c. 130 ADVERTISING - c. 210 AD)

Galen's principal curiosity was in human anatomy, but Both roman law experienced prohibited the dissection of human cadavers since about 150 BC Because of this constraint, Galen performed anatomical dissections on living (vivisection) and dead animals, mostly concentrating on pigs andВ primates. This work turned out to be especially useful because in most cases, the anatomical set ups of these animals closely mirror those of human beings. 2

Albertus Magnus (1193? -1280) translated version of " On animals, a medieval summa zoology. Pay close attention to this since Aristotle's treatyВ De AnimalibusВ has similar title but are two...

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