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Kudler's Fine Foods

This paper is going to discuss how an information method is critical to the business means of an organization and how the information has impacted the organization's composition.

Company Overview

Kudler's Fine Foods has been in business for over 12-15 years. Remaining in business in this economy is outstanding. Kudler's has been doing everything necessary to grow and continue to be a productive firm in the last 15 years. These products and merchandise that Kudler's provides are perishable food and wine goods that constantly need to be watched and inventoried to make sure that the item is always clean. Kudler's stakeholders are the staff, customers, suppliers, banks plus the owner herself.

System Implementation

" There exists a definite focus in Details Systems (IS) research that is certainly based about the identification of variables that measure the elements that affect IS success in small enterprise. Identification of measures is of importance to the individuals working those businesses as well as research workers seeking to enunciate the value of IS USUALLY. " (Armstrong 2007) With all the technology to choose from, many still don't use it to their edge. In today's world many organisations need to be in a position to do things that weren't necessary to compete during the past. In many cases, having less using technology can mean the death to a company. In the commercial world today things change rapidly, and companies must be able to adjust to all of the changes. Computer systems today are far heightened, but they are a lot more automated and easier to use compared to the labor intensive systems of the earlier.

Not using the proper data system could mean the difference among success and failure. Information systems will be costly, nevertheless the costs incurred by lacking such as program can be harmful. The planet's largest dealer, Wal-Mart, uses the Smart Inventory System in its business dealings. (Walmart 2011) Walmart's program uses the bar code reader to enter something...

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