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Query 1: Give you the correct kinds of the verbs in mounting brackets. 1 . People always (blame) their conditions for what they are. 2 . Over the years, She (collect) thousands of rubber stamps.

3. " Where is usually Jane? " " Down stairs sir". " The girl (greet) everyone. " 5. We may enjoy (use) as affordable labour.

5. I can't help (feel) remorseful for the hungry children. If only right now there (be) tranquility in the world. 6. I am sure the letter won't arrive in period unless that (send) by simply air 7. The flower vase (break) because it (move) to the other area.

eight. I was just about (leave) school when the phone rang. Problem 2: Utilize correct form of the words in brackets to complete sentences 1 . That company has 2000............ (employ)

installment payments on your I can't say for sure why they call him a............. (lie) 3. The old hotel all of us used to stay at has become.................... (modern) 4. Conservationists believe we should maintain the...... rainforests in the world. ( tropic) 5. The little community is very peaceful and............. through the night. (peace) 6th. Women nowadays have more.......... to participate in sociable activities(free) several. The......... from the new guest caused problems to my aunt. (arrive) 8. She cut their self and it's........... quite badly. (blood) 9. His parents are very............ of him(pride)

12. Every week, you will find two........... by Ha Noi to Nha Trang. (fly) Question a few: Choose the best answer (A, W, C or D ) for each space Jeans are very popular with young adults all (1)........... the world. Some people say that jeans are the " uniform" of (2)............ Nonetheless they haven't always been popular. The story of denims started (3)........... two hundred in years past. People in Genoa, Italy made pants. The fabric (4)........... in Genoa was called " jeanos". The pants had been called " jeans". In 1850, a salesman (5).......... California started out selling slacks made of canvas. His name was Levi Strauss. (6).............. these were so solid, " Levi's pants" became (7)........ with gold miners; farmers and cowboys. 6 years (8)............; Levis started out making his pants with blue silk cotton (9)............ referred to as denim. Soon after, factory employees in the United States and Europe started out (10)......... skinny jeans. Young people usually didn't wear them.

1 . A. inB. upon C. over D. previously mentioned

2 . A. youth M. young C. younger D. youngest

a few. A. a lot B. very much C. many D. practically

4. A. make B. makes C. making Deb. made

5. A. inB. on C. at G. with

6th. A. Though B. But C. Mainly because D. Therefore

7. A. famous W. popular C. good M. wonderful

almost eight. A. past due B. afterwards C. most current D. last

9. A. cloth B. clothing C. cloths D. clothes

10. A. put on B. wearing C. used D. worn

Question 5: Choose the one particular sentence which includes same meaning to the main one. 1 ) Would you mind waiting beyond the office?

A. Did you wait outside the workplace?

B. Performed you see any individual waiting away from office?

C. Will you hold out outside the office?

D. Do you really enjoy waiting around outside the business office?

2 . I did previously go to the movie theater on Saturdays.

A. I went to the cinemal about Saturdays.

B. I got used to going to the theatre on Saturdays.

C. We didn't navigate to the cinema upon Saturdays

G. I usually see a cinema about Saturdays.

3. You experience unhealthy because you don't consider any exercise. A. in case you took more exercise, you will feel more healthy. B. If you take more physical exercise, you will feel healthier. C. If you were much healthier, you would have more physical exercise. D. If you do not take any kind of exercise, you can expect to feel harmful. 4. " Do you know Trang's address? " he said.

A. This individual asked me to get Trang's treat.

B. He asked me if someone knew Trang's treat.

C. He asked me easily know Trang's address.

D. He said if I realized Trang's address.

Question five: a/ There is a mistake...

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