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Precisely what are the most important big difference (art, research, religion) between people's lives in large agricultural settlements including Г§atal hГјyГјk Jericho and Mesopotamia (manufactured trade) and Egypt (military)? In the

Economic (environmental) organization- farming, irrigation, domestication Political and Social Organization-stratification and male or female inequality, warfare, hierarchy Peoples' system of Ideas-writing, math, honest codes, artistry, religion

What facts might offer in favor of, or opposed to, this claims. You have a balanced and considered review of at least four the civilizations learned in product 1: a) The earliest civilizations hardly taken advantage of anyone other than the small, typically urban and male elites. Cities progressed into bid market of manufacturing and gave opportunity on specialized jobs just like government representatives. b) A lot of segments in the population became worse away as a result of the introduction of complex society (civilization). disease spread

Women lost most of their legal rights except exactly where in Egypt where we were holding still got lower position but could own terrain, manage their own property, and represent themselves in the courtroom slavery


Population grew due to assets, available of agriculture, careers Social classes

Positive thing was work specialization


More conflict over territory

c) Social hierarchies in the first civilizations had been flexible enough so that some of the people with low status can rise by their own work. China- OR




According to the teachings of Confucius, ladies (who could not own property) was the many the common people. Strongly patriarchal. India-

Slaves had been treated roughly and outcasted. Brahmins had been duly highly regarded (perhaps had been even rulers with the king). Also patriarchal.

Only the top three or four classes (not slaves) appreciated social, personal,...

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