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The Baumrind Theory of Raising a child Styles

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Diana Baumrind studied social, clinical and developmental psychology in the late 1940s and early on '50s. The girl chose study after she graduated which has a PhD mainly because she experienced it would provide her flexibility in looking after her daughters, according to the American Psychological Connection. During the 1970s, she conducted extensive research of parent-child interactions in the house. Baumrind developed the theory that there were four main types of child-rearing styles and that differences in parenting styles made up the way children functioned socially, emotionally and cognitively. Four Dimensions, Four Styles

Baumrind felt that there were four dimensions of parent-child communications: parental control, maturity needs, clarity of communication and nurturance. " Parental control" is related to this sort of issues as enforcing rules. " Maturity demand" is the parental requirement that children perform about their potential. " Clarity of communication" reflects the parents' willingness to get in touch with their children, get their viewpoints and make use of reasoning to obtain the desired patterns. " Nurturance" is related to parent expressions of heat and acceptance, and safeguard of kid's physical and emotional health. Using these four measurements, Baumrind identified four parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive-indulgent and permissive-uninvolved. Authoritative Child-rearing

The authoritative style is considered the " ideal” parenting style and seems to produce children with high levels of self-sufficiency and self-esteem, who will be socially liable, independent and achievement-oriented, according to Education. com. Authoritative parents arranged clear targets and have large standards. They will monitor all their children's habit, use self-control based on thinking and motivate their children making decisions and learn from other mistakes. They are also warm and nurturing, treating their children...

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