Rf Optimization Essay

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To work in a difficult and remarkably competitive environment where I would be able to explore my skills and hence contribute to the best of myself.

Experience Summary

Working with Huawei Telecommunications (I) Pvt Ltd. (IKYA Human resources) as a RNO on Aircel, Maharashtra & Goa Group of friends since Feb 2010.

Individuals Huawei Phone system (I) Pvt Ltd. (IWS Pvt Ltd) as a RF Optimization Professional on Aircel, Hyderabad task from November 2009 to Feb 2010.

Worked with Ericsson India Ltd. (Cell prepare Tech. Pvt. Ltd. ) for Ericsson-Airtel Project because RF Drive Test & Optimization Professional from Sep 2007 to Oct 2009.

Worked with Ericsson India Limited. (Cell plan Tech. Pvt. Ltd. ) for Ericsson-Airtel Project while RF Review & Transmission Engineer by July 2006 to Aug 2007.

Profession History

Huawei Phone system (I) Pvt Ltd. (IKYA Human Resources)

Designation- RNO

Working with Huawei Telecom (I) Pvt Ltd. (GTL Limited) as a RNO on Aircel, Maharashtra & Goa Circle since February 2010.

Work Responsibilities:

* Daily activity comes with monitoring overall performance counters to keep up all KPIs such as TCH drop, HOSR, DL Top quality, TCH blocking, SD stopping, etc . 2. Periodic neighbor audit and removing the discrepancies viz., LAC, BCCH, BSIC, A method neighbor definitions, less friends and neighbors etc . 5. Weekly examination of top 10 worst skin cells in each KPI and implementing physical optimization and parameters to get improvement. 2. Responsible for doing drive check of New symbolizing Sites. 2. KPI Monitoring from BSC to Cellular Level and identifying network issues. 5. Performance stats/KPI analysis: to get TCH, SD drop cell phone calls, TCH, SDCCH congestion, site Area update, handover effectiveness etc . 2. Removing parameter inconsistencies simply by performing an in depth database review, and putting into action the standard principles of the guidelines by sending work instructions and keeping a rigid follow-up with NOC. 2. Traffic guiding and dimensioning using features like Visitors Handovers, Pressured Directed Retry, Directed Retry. * Using GSM the airwaves network features PBGT Handovers, UL/DL Top quality Handovers, UL Level/DL Level Handovers pertaining to better retainability of the phone calls in the network. * Extracting service impacting on alarms upon daily basis using the ONLINE MARKETING CONSULTANT, forwarding to Operations and keeping a strict follow-up. * Capability Enhancement – Expansions, TRX Additions, And New Internet site planning for crucial highly employed cells. * Good functioning knowledge of Huawei tool – LMT, Genex Probe, CME, MOS7100, Genex assistant etc . * Evaluation of MRR reports from TA, UL/DL Level & Quality points of views. * Redesigning of cellular material sites azimuth, tilting to overcome overshooting and to serve the poor coverage spots after the usage. * Weekly preparation of DNR report, KPI overall performance data, discussing the same with Customer (Aircel).

Key Abilities

* -Experience on Planning and Search engine optimization Tools.

5. -Experience about Nominal Organizing, Capacity Organizing and Insurance coverage Planning. 2. -Optimization of Cell Level and BSC Level variables.

* -Detailed knowledge in KPI Improvement on Cell/BSC level. * -Troubleshooting about Performance Managing Reports.

* -New web page parameter databases planning.

2. -Have done Drive Check for new WCDMA sites.

Huawei Telecom (I) Pvt Limited. (IWS Pvt Ltd).

Designation- RF Engineer

Worked with Huawei Telecom (I) Pvt Limited. (IWS Pvt Ltd) as being a RF Search engine optimization Engineer on Aircel, Hyderabad project coming from Nov 2009 to Feb 2010.

Job Responsibilities:

* Travel Test employing GENEX PROBE 1 . 52/1. 53/2. two, analyzing the Drive test out log record using MapInfo and GENEX PROBE. 5. Drive Test & Search engine optimization Includes Checking the Signal Strength of a particular sites in a region and accordingly

Changing the tilts and orientation of the GSM Antenna to enhance the protection area. * Maintaining TCH Drops, HOSR for the KPI...

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