Lottery and Common Good Essay

Kristen Templeton

English 101

Dr . Jean Nienkamp

Unfair Lotteries

Gloria Jimenez, who's a young wife and mother chosen to continue her education in Tufts University or college where your woman wrote her essay, Up against the Odds, and against the Common Good. The reason Jimenez composed this dissertation is to support her thesis, " State legislators whom genuinely have the interests with their constituents as the primary goal will not move bills that put the express into the lottery business and this cause the state to engage in an activity that is close to pickpocketing. ”(120). Jimenez strongly believes it is incorrect of point out legislators to encourage the utilization of unfair lotteries and she wants these to see how misleading they are. Jimenez begins her essay simply by showing us some of the catchy slogans that state lotteries use to lore people in and then the lady begins to clarify why the lotteries are so deceiving in their fancy phrasing. Jimenez sees that playing the lottery is the people's choice, but she actually is committed to trusting that the express legislators deceived people in to playing the lottery simply by convincing them that the tax money within the tickets should go to a good cause. Jimenez wants to find out why the tax cash that goes to good causes has to be via tricking people into spending their money instead of state legislators proposing a fresh tax. The reason Jimenez believes that the lotto is unjust is because folks are tricked in believing it really is harmless and that they aren't dropping their salary to support their particular addiction. Jimenez very strongly ends her essay by simply challenging the politicians to do the right issue and help the normal good simply by not moving the bill that puts the state lotteries in to business.

Jimenez relies heavily on applying examples to aid her discussion that lotteries are unjust. One of the examples that is reoccurring in the textual content is the declares uses of untrue slogans. For instance, a slogan of Maryland's is usually " Enjoy Today. Funds Tomorrow. ”(118). Another untrue slogan is utilized by New...

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