Global Marketing Essy Exploration Paper

Global Promoting, 6e (Keegan/Green)

Chapter one particular Introduction to Global Marketing

1) A supervision team that fails to be familiar with importance of global marketing hazards losing its domestic business to rivals with cut costs, more encounter, and better products. Answer: TRUE

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AACSB: Reflective Thinking

2) As Wal-Mart expands into Guatemala and Central American countries, it is implementing a market development strategy. Response: TRUE

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AACSB: Reflective Considering

3) Global marketing may take the form of diversification approach in which a business creates new products or providers for the domestic industry. Answer: BOGUS

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AACSB: Refractive Thinking

4) The perceived value formula can be displayed as Value = Price/Benefits. Answer: FAKE

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AACSB: Inductive Skills

5) Recently the auto industry is moving its awareness of emerging marketplaces such as India and The african continent. Answer: THE CASE

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AACSB: Refractive Thinking

6) Globalization can be presenting significant marketing opportunities for specialist sports agencies such as the Nfl and Major League Soccer. Answer: TRUE

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AACSB: Reflective Thinking

7) If NestlГ© decides not to market cookies (cookies) in america due to competitive reasons, it can be considered as an absence of strategic focus and skipped opportunity. Answer: FALSE

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AACSB: Reflective Considering

8) Worth, competitive benefit, and the focus required to accomplish them are common in their relevance and should guideline global advertising efforts in just about any part of the globe. Answer: ACCURATE

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9) The discipline of marketing is widespread and such advertising practices will not vary from nation to region. Answer: BOGUS

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10) Standardization versus variation is the degree to which every marketing mix element is standardized or perhaps adapted in a variety of country markets. Answer: THE CASE

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AACSB: Refractive Thinking

11) Nike fallen their well known tagline " Just do it" in advertising women's clothing in The european union and changed it by the slogan " Here My spouse and i am" seeing that college-age girls in Europe are not while competitive regarding sports as men are. Answer: THE CASE

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12) Global localization signifies that a successful global marketer should have the ability to think locally and act internationally. Answer: FALSE

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AACSB: Reflecting Thinking

13) The Skol Company supports its Coke, Fanta, and PowerAde brands with marketing mix factors that are both equally global and native. Answer: ACCURATE

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AACSB: Refractive Thinking

14) That Gillette uses similar packaging due to its flagship Mach3 razor everywhere in the world is an example of how companies possess successfully attacked global advertising by creating strong global brands. Answer: TRUE

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15) McDonald's global marketing strategy relies primarily in local marketing mix elements. Answer: FAKE

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AACSB: Refractive Thinking

16) McDonald's house delivery of burgers in India is an example of unusual standardized global marketing practice. Answer: FAKE

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AACSB: Reflective Thinking

17) Harley-Davidson's motorcycles' competitive benefit is based simply on the " Manufactured in the USA" positioning. Solution: TRUE

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AACSB: Reflective Considering

18) A lot of companies that fail to come up with adequate responses to the difficulties and possibilities of the positive effect will be soaked up by even more dynamic, experienced enterprises. Response: TRUE

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AACSB: Reflective Pondering

19) Wal-mart is the greatest corporation, based on revenues, in line with the Fortune five-hundred Global rank for 08. Answer: AUTHENTIC

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AACSB: Refractive Thinking

20) Examining how big is individual product markets, scored in...

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